It’s a well-known fact that water bodies make around 71% of the earth’s surface. However, do you know that only 3% of the earth’s water reservoir is fresh water and is consumable? But even this freshwater contains contaminants that are removed through water filters. Apart from residential places, many commercial sites also require pure water for their processes. This blog discusses industries that need pure water.

1- Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry

It shouldn’t be surprising that an industry manufacturing pharmaceutical supplies would require pure water. The biggest concern of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry is to remove microbial contaminants from water sources. Therefore, these industries use the sterilization process to get ultra-pure water free from bacteria and viruses.

2- Food and Beverage Industry

Another industry that requires pure water to manufacture its products is the food and beverage industry. However, they use pure water in two different processes. Firstly, the workers use water as a sanitation agent to clean their tools and raw material. They can’t use unfiltered water in this process as tap water contains contaminants that can damage equipment. Secondly, water is the primary ingredient in many food products, especially beverages like beer, soda drinks, and wine. However, chemicals like chloride and sulfate in tap water can negatively affect these beverages’ taste. Therefore, beverage manufacturers use water treatment procedures to improve the flavor of these drinks.

3- Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry requires pure water in all of its operations. Pure water is used to extract gas, refine it, and produce petrochemicals. Oil and gas companies use water purification methods to get pure water.

4- Microelectronics Manufacturing Industry

The microelectronics industry requires clean water to manufacture semiconductors and the chips in our smartphones. However, ultrapure water is needed to ensure that no contaminants damage the chips and harm the device’s function.

5- Power Generation Industry

Power plants require water for the operation of power-generating turbines. However, impure water has particles that can lead to scaling and corrosion in steam-powered turbines. Therefore, the water is treated beforehand to remove impurities so power-generating turbines can produce power without any hiccups. Pure water is a necessity to keep power turbines functional. A commercial water treatment system in a manufacturing facility Without pure water, none of these industries would be able to function properly. And to achieve pure water, these industries have to invest in commercial water filtration systems. At AAA Water Systems, we provide commercial water treatment systems to remove contaminants from water, making it perfect for use in industries, manufacturing facilities, and factories. Reach out to us for further discussions with our best water specialists in CA.