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How do I know when I need salt and how often should I refill the brine tank?
Lift the lid of the brine tank to check the level of salt. If you can see water, it is time to add salt. You can add salt anytime there is enough room to accommodate at least one bag. However, keep in mind that keeping the brine tank completely full of salt can contribute to salt bridging.
How often do I need to service my equipment?

Some pieces of equipment are conveniently metered and will reduce pressure, letting you know when they need to be serviced. Generally, AAA Water Systems recommends the following;

● Drinking water systems: once a year.
● Organic filters: once every three years.
● Additional filters: every six months – year.

Note: your water softener does not require service on the unit, only an occasional filling of the brine tank.

How do I know my equipment is working?
There are a few signs that your system is operating correctly. Often, when water is actively being used in the home, you will hear the sound of water traveling through the tanks. If you hear a louder hum and water being drained, then you are likely hearing your system regenerating. If you do not notice any of the above occurring or you hear the system regenerating for an extended period of time and are noticing changes in your water that are not consistent with soft water and/or purified water, give us a call at 800-990-9191.
What do I do if I am experiencing an emergency?

First, determine that you are experiencing an emergency. By our standards, an emergency means there is a significant leak or there is no water coming to your home or business. Until AAA Water can get on site, please;

1. Identify the source of the leak.
2. Shut off or bypass equipment

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Danny Jackson
Danny Jackson
21:06 25 Apr 24
Tommy was on time, very courteous, thorough, and expedient. Got the job done, and cleaned everything up before he left.great experience
vincent duran
vincent duran
17:28 21 Apr 24
Great and very knowledgeable about his job. Explained the process before he started the job. Worth all 5 stars.
Marcos Martinez
Marcos Martinez
21:32 17 Apr 24
Marvin Teran
Marvin Teran
19:34 17 Apr 24
I’m impressed with Al
Trish Brazil
Trish Brazil
17:32 12 Apr 24
Alfonso was on time, very informative, courteous and helpful. I continue to be impressed with AAA and their employees. A pleasure to work with.
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