Water is an essential resource, but unfortunately, not everyone gets safe and healthy drinking water. You’ll be surprised to know that over 884 million people in 2017 didn’t have safe water to drink. The massive lack of water resources has pushed firms to start devising several innovative methods to purify water. If you’re curious about how technology is revolutionizing the water treatment sector, continue reading to find out. An individual drinking water at the beach


Did you know our world is growing at a rate of 81 million people per year? (Yes, we know it’s a lot!) With this massive increase in population, the burden is increasing on limited resources. One such limited resource is the water supply. Even though seventy-one percent of the world is covered by water, most of that water isn’t drinkable as it’s salty. But what if we tell you that you could purify saltwater and drink it? Sounds too good to be true. Imagine how easily the world’s water crisis could be solved if we focused on converting the abundant salt water from the oceans, and guess what? We can do it with desalination. Sunset at the ocean Desalination is a process to convert saltwater into freshwater. The process is conducted in desalination plants usually located near the coastline to easily pull the seawater into the plant. Once the saline water is pumped into the plant, it goes through a filter, which screens out the large and medium-sized particles. The partially purified saline water is then passed on through special membranes where the reverse osmosis process is conducted to convert seawater into fresh drinkable water. After the process is completed, the extracted salt and impurities are added back to the ocean to minimize the impact on the marine environment. It’s no secret that due to the vast benefits of desalination, numerous plants are being set up to speed up the purification process. Some of the benefits of desalination are mentioned below.
  1. Reduces Pressure on Freshwater Sources: Did you know ninety-seven percent of the water on earth is in the form of saltwater in oceans? This shows only a meager of 3% freshwater is being used to cater to the global water demand, which is increasing the burden on freshwater sources. Desalination plants can convert seawater into drinkable water and reduce the pressure from freshwater.
  2. Can Prevent Water Pollution: Quite often, we see people throwing garbage in the sea or companies dumping their waste in the oceans, and this is why it’s no surprise that the amount of pollution in the Atlantic Ocean alone has tripled since the 1960s, and only we’re to blame for it.
But you can expect the water pollution levels to go down when people understand that they’re drinking purified seawater. This would create awareness and stop people from frequently polluting seawater. plastic bottles and wrappers in polluted water
  1. Provides Water for Agriculture: Freshwater generated from desalination plants can also be used for agricultural purposes. This is a great opportunity for agricultural areas that are experiencing a drought.
California has recently experienced a massive drought that has affected nineteen million people. Desalination plants can be developed in the state to solve the drinking water crisis and uplift California’s agricultural sector. Closeup of a plant getting water

Water Filter

While governments and large organizations can set up desalination plants, individuals can use modern water filter technology to purify water from the comfort of their homes. Gone are the days when you’d have to order expensive bottled water daily as now you can set up drinking water systems in your house. Due to recent technological advancements, water filters are available in many different types. Some of which are mentioned below.


Chlorine is often added in swimming pools to eradicate bacteria and limit algae growth. Even though chlorine is beneficial for pools, that doesn’t mean your water supply should contain it. Using water with chlorine frequently can be dangerous for your health and can damage your water pipes too. This is why firms have developed the de-chlorinator to remove chlorine from your water supply. The numerous benefits of using a de-chlorinator as a water treatment solution have increased its popularity in recent times. You can read some of its common benefits below.
  1. Removes The Smell of Chlorine: No matter what pool you visit, there’s always a pungent, irritating odor, right? That is the smell of chlorine in the water, and you wouldn’t want that in your home, would you? This is where a de-chlorinator can help you as it removes the chlorine and its smell too.
  2. Prevents Eczema: Do you feel your skin getting slightly tight and turning red every time you take a shower? This can be due to chlorine in your water supply. Frequent contact with chlorine can lead to eczema, but if you’ve installed a de-chlorinator, you have nothing to worry about. This device reduces most of the chlorine and helps you get softer and smoother skin after every shower.
cracks and scars on a person's hands
  1. Promotes Hair Growth: You might not be aware of this, but chlorine can also act as a bleach that can remove your hair color and make it extremely dry. Imagine the hairfall when you’ll have to comb through dry hair after every shower. Sounds scary, right? A de-chlorinator at home can help you remove chlorine and make your hair softer than before.

Ultraviolet Filter

Want to ensure the ultimate water purification? You must get water filters that use ultraviolet technology. If you’ve got a poor-quality water supply, it might contain several bacteria that can deteriorate your health. Many modern filters like Kinetico UV filters use crossfire technology to clean your water without any side effects efficiently. The UV technology also clears out any odor and taste from the contaminated water. These filters are an excellent investment as they rarely require any maintenance, which decreases its maintenance costs too. Since the ultraviolet technology for water purification is relatively new, we’d recommend you get help from a filtration service provider who can recommend the right water filter.

Sulfur Guard

Hydrogen sulfide is a common contaminant found in well waters. It has a unique smell like a rotten egg, which can make your water supply unbearable. If you want to get rid of the pungent smell in your water once and for all, it’s better to get a sulfur guard filter. While many filters use electricity to function properly, a sulfur guard uses the kinetic energy from the water flow to filter your water. This can help you cut down your electricity bill to purify your water, making it a win-win situation.

Greensand Filter

Are you looking for a water filter that provides safe and healthy water 24/7? If your answer’s yes, you need to get a greensand filter. It uses an advanced oxidation process to remove numerous contaminants, including arsenic, hydrogen sulfide, iron, radium, and many more. If you want an affordable filter that offers high-level water cleaning, you need to get a greensand filter for your home. If you’re confused about what type of water filter you should install at your home, find Experienced Water Specialists CA who offer water analysis and can help you find the filter that is best suited for your house. A Kinetico commercial water filter

Reverse Osmosis System for Contaminants

Yes, reverse osmosis is used for desalination, but you can also use it to purify the water supply at your home or office. The reverse osmosis process uses synthetic lining to filter out contaminants like dirt, salt, and chlorine. It also removes microorganisms, giving your water supply a 360-degree cleaning. It’s no secret that many people are switching from traditional water purification to reverse osmosis systems due to its vast benefits. The following section highlights some of the benefits.

Saves Costs

Are the expensive bottled waters being a burden on your pocket? Do you want an affordable alternative? A reverse osmosis system cleans your water supply efficiently and can help you replace bottled water, which will decrease the burden on your pocket.

Rigorous Cleaning

From sodium, calcium to iron, and chlorine, your water supply can contain hundreds of chemicals, and you wouldn’t know about it. These contaminants can lead to multiple health issues, including muscle damage, blood pressure issues, and nerve damages. For example, lead is one of the most common contaminants found in the American water system, and it puts the health of your family at risk. When it comes to your family’s safety, you wouldn’t want to take any risks, which is why a reverse osmosis system is a necessity as it can easily reduce most chemicals.

Tasty Food

All these years, if you second-guessed your cooking skills, you might have been wrong. Because guess what? Contaminated water can alter the taste of your food. A reverse osmosis system can reduce 95-99% of the contaminants and help you improve the taste of drinking water and food.

Water Softener

Minerals can be beneficial for your body, but consuming excess minerals can deteriorate your health and can damage your plumbing too. If your water has excess minerals, it means you’re dealing with a hard water supply, and if you want to decrease the hardness of your water supply, it’s time to get a water softener. A water softener works like a magnet as it has negatively charged resin beads that attract positively charged minerals such as calcium and magnesium from your water supply. Once the resin beads remove the minerals from the water, sodium ions are released that take the minerals away from the beads, and the water is clean. Hard water is known to have numerous minerals that can clog up your pipes and cause leakages. Due to the leakages, you must be ready for a heavy water bill. Hard water can also damage your water appliances like washing machines and dishwashers. Do you have to spend a lifetime cleaning stains from your clothes or your car? This may be because of the hardness of your water supply. If you want to solve hard water problems, it’s time to get a water softener. However, water softeners are available in different types. So, before you get one, it’s better to hire a Water Treatment Solutions provider to analyze your water supply and recommend you a water softener accordingly. Closeup of high-quality water softener

Drinking Water System

Are you tired of filling up plastic bottles? Would you love to drink water at just the right temperature? An efficient drinking water system is the answer to all your problems. You can get bottle-less water coolers that can provide you with hot and cold water at any time you want. Gone are the days when you’d have to wait for an eternity for the water to cool in the fridge, as you can now get a water cooler and drink cool and refreshing water anytime you want. Also, if you want hot water to make food, you don’t have to heat it on the stove as a drinking water system delivers hot water too. A grey colored Kinetico water cooler

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