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Kinetico Softeners and Filters can improve the quality and taste of your household water. Whether you have hard water or some other concern, we have the solution.
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In the early 1980s, I started my venture with water filtration and purification systems in the San Francisco Bay Area. For over 40 years I have helped thousands of folks improve their water quality, in both commercial and residential settings.

We employ some of the finest men and women in the industry to serve you. Our mission is to offer the finest products and personal service worldwide. Let us change your water. It will change your life.

Tony Soltani



Our Professional Promise

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Clean Water
Whether providing a thorough analysis of your water, explaining how water systems work, or recommending one that’s right for you, one thing is certain. Nobody brings a higher level of professionalism into your home. We promise.

A Tradition of Success Since 1970

Founded in 1970, Kinetico pioneered the development of non-electric, fully automatic water treatment systems. In the years since, we’ve grown into a global company of independent Kinetico water experts and international distributors serving more than 100 countries. We offer complete water systems that deliver only the highest quality water for general use and drinking. We back every piece of our equipment with industry-leading warranties. Our approach reflects our deep commitment to preserving and conserving fresh water, one of our planet’s most precious and endangered natural resources.

Frequent Questions

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What’s your appointment availability?
We understand that work and family life can get pretty hectic, and getting everyone together for an hour is tough. We have appointment availability any day of the week and any time of the day!
Who needs to be at the appointment?
We all have different experiences and concerns with the water at home. So if you use water around the house, you don’t want to miss this hour!
What if I don’t own the property?
That’s no problem, we can still assist you with getting better water as long as the landlord is on board with the project!
What do you test for?

Depending on your water source, private well or city water, we have a variety of tests that can be completed in your home:

Water Hardness: Most homes in the US receive hard water. Hard water can shorten the life of your water using appliances, make your hair/skin dry and itchy and make it difficult to clean the scale on your faucets and showers.

Total Dissolved Solids: This is an indication of the total amount of everything dissolved in your water that’s not water.

Iron: Usually you’ll already know if you have a lot of iron in your water, which appears as orange staining in your sinks and toilets. This test will determine the amount present.

Nitrate: High levels of nitrate in water can be a result of runoff or leakage from fertilized soil, wastewater, landfills, animal feedlots, septic systems, or urban drainage. This leads to health concerns during use and consumption.

Chlorine: A strong chlorine smell can be an indication of the over use of chlorine in your water. The right amount of chlorine kills bacteria, however, higher levels can lead to bad tastes, smells and even irritation of skin.

pH: The “potential of Hydrogen” is a measurement of the acidity or basicity of water. This test will determine if your water’s pH is high, low, or just right.

Sulfur: Rotten egg smell in your drinking water is usually one of two culprits: Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) or Sulfates.

What if I have a limited budget and need to know a price range?
We carry over 200 makes and models, this makes finding the right equipment for your family a breeze! If you need assistance with your investment, we offer financing with occasionals promotions qualifying you for deferred interest. Set an appointment now to get all the details in person.

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