Back to School 101: How Water Helps Students Succeed

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While sending their kids to school, parents consider several factors such as the school’s educational system, co-curricular activities, and the environment, but a majority of them tend to forget to check the school’s water management system. Water is essential for all types of educational institutes. Here’s why.

Improves Brain Function

All educational institutes should keep water dispensers near each and every department, section, and class. Several pieces of research show that students tend to stay more focused on studies when they’re properly hydrated. According to a study, dehydration can lead to short-term memory problems and may also hamper a students’ ability to perform mental math and arithmetic problems. To function properly, our brains need proper hydration. Water helps the brain maintain a balance between its various elements. Brain cells tend to lose their efficiency when your body loses too much water but doesn’t balance it with a sufficient water intake. Contaminated water tastes bitter and unpleasant. It’s also highly injurious for human health. Therefore, educational institutes should offer students pure and high-quality drinking water, to the students.

Reduces Fatigue

Insufficient water intake can also lead to headaches, lethargy, and daytime fatigue. A majority of students start feeling tired and sluggish after mid-day. A major reason behind this problem is that they don’t keep themselves hydrated. Insufficient supply of water to your body affects your concentration level. Educational institutes can encourage students to keep themselves hydrated by educating them about its importance and most importantly, placing water dispensers at a very small distance from their classrooms. During back-to-back classes, students don’t have the time to travel long distances just for a sip of freshwater. Today, a lot of schools have also taken a ‘water bell initiative’ where the school authorities ring a water bell at regular intervals to remind the students to drink water during their school time.

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