Benefits of a Whole House Filtration System

Water Treatment

Do you trust the water that comes out of your faucets and showers? Are you tired of constantly having to buy cases of bottled water? Installing a whole house filtration system would be able to solve these dilemmas. A whole house filtration system will protect yourself and your family’s health by providing them with the safest clean water available. Here are just four of the many benefits of a whole house filtration system:

1. Better Quality

This would be considered the No. 1 benefit of any filtration system. As a homeowner, you want to know that clean water comes from every source throughout your home. A whole house filtration system will remove any harmful contaminants so you are receiving the best quality of water. Contaminants can cause your water to have an unpleasant smell or an odd taste. If you are a victim of bad smelling or tasting water, a whole house filtration system will be the solution for you.  Some harmful contaminants that can removed with a whole house filtration system include:

  • Sediment
  • Chlorine
  • Lead
  • Toxic Substances (fertilizers, pesticides)

2. Longer Life Expectancy for Appliances

Tap water can often contain minerals that are OK to consume but harmful to appliances and plumbing systems. Common minerals found in tap water are calcium and magnesium. The higher concentration of these minerals, the harder the water will be. Hard water has the potential to cause buildup in pipes, faucets, washing machines, and many household appliances. If hard water is left untreated, this buildup can cost a homeowner a great deal of money in repairs. A whole house filtration can soften water by filtering out harmful minerals.

3. Healthier for Hair and Skin

Hard water can cause your hair and skin to become dry over time. Calcium and magnesium minerals cause hard water. Those minerals make it difficult for water to form a solution with soap. A telltale sign of hard water is white soap scum that builds up on bathroom fixtures. Soft water has been proven to be better for cleaning clothes and dishes, as well as your skin. Soft water is kinder on your skin, while hard water is “hard” on your skin. After installation of a whole house filtration system, you will notice your hair will become less tangled, and your skin will start to feel softer and look healthier.

4. All-in-One System

Why install individual filters in different water dispensing locations throughout your home? With an all-in-one water filtration system, you don’t have to worry about anyone drinking from your bathroom faucet instead of your kitchen faucet because every faucet will have safe water. Having one filter will make replacing filters and maintenance easier to remember and be more cost-effective.. Take an important step to protect your family’s health by installing a whole house filtration system from AAA Water. Contact us today at (800) 990-9191 to receive a free consultation and be on your way to softer, healthier water.

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