clean drinking water About 71% of our planet earth is based on water, but only 3% of it is fresh water and barely 0.5% is suitable for human consumption. As the world population continues to grow, water conservation has become increasingly important. Only a limited amount of water on earth is fit for consumption for human beings, and it’s up to us to save it for the coming generations. Water conservation primarily refers to the practice of using our limited water supply efficiently and smartly. It’s not a task restricted for engineers, scientists, foresters, hydrologists, and city planners. Instead, everyone who access to freshwater has the responsibility to save it and use it smartly. Let’s look at some water conservation benefits you should know.

Guard the Earth against Future Drought

Unlike the majority of natural hazards like hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes; droughts tend to come without any prior warnings. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t take preventive measures or we can’t create a plan to reduce the impact of drought. The best way we can prepare for droughts is through water conservation. Several areas in the US are consistently experiencing drought conditions. By using water-saving devices, efficient wastewater treatment systems, water recycling, and xeriscaping we can conserve water effectively.


By reducing their water consumption, people can mitigate water production and distribution costs and consequently help them save money which is otherwise wasted on utility bills, every year. Besides, reduced water usage results in the minimum wastage of energy during water delivery and transportation. This will help in conserving fuel resources and protecting the earth against environmental pollution.

Safe Communities

From hospitals, health clubs, and gyms to restaurants and hotels, to firefighters, gas stations to street cleaners, all public services centers need plenty of water to provide prompt yet effective services to people when there’s a need. To make sure that these services continue to be offered in the coming years, contribute towards your community by minimizing your water usage.

Recreational Purposes

Freshwater plays a key role in helping us beautify our surrounding landscape. If not used wisely, we won’t have sufficient water in the future to use for watering lawns, cultivating veggies in the backyard, growing flowers, or even washing automobiles.

Need Safe Drinking Water?

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