Do you have an older water softener? Are you wondering if it’s still providing the same quality of service? Today’s water softeners are more advanced than ever before, providing homeowners with the high-quality water they want and need.   There are many benefits of replacing or installing a new water softener. Let’s look at the top 4 reasons.
  1.       Appliances & Plumbing Last Longer

Calcium and magnesium are excellent for healthy bones but can be disastrous when it comes to several appliances in your home. Those minerals are the main perpetrators for hard water and cause mineral deposits or limescale buildup. Limescale buildup from hard water can clog plumbing and harm your appliances by wearing them down until they ultimately break down. Water softeners eliminate these hard minerals, so the water won’t leave behind any scaly build up. Save yourself from the frustration of a pricey broken appliance or an extensive plumbing repair with a water softener.
  1.       Save Money on Energy Bills

A water softener can help reduce mineral and limescale buildup, so your appliances that use water function more efficiently. This is particularly true for a water heater because, with a water softener, the water heater will use 25 percent to 30 percent less energy over the course of a year. Kinetico Water Softeners also only regenerate when you need them to, so water and energy use is improved.
  1.       Clothes Will Stay Fresher

In your laundry machine, hard water will cause detergent to develop soap scum, which will prevent your clothes from becoming entirely clean. With hard water, clothes and bedsheets will start to fade or feel scratchy because of the additional minerals. Those same minerals will get trapped in clothes, which will, in turn, make them stiff and ruin the original color. With soft water, you won’t have to purchase detergent nearly as often, and you’ll see cleaner results. 
  1.       Your Hair and Skin Will Thank You

Just like with clothes, hair and skin will be affected by hard water. Soft water will quickly improve your skin, leaving it smoother and softer. It’s incredible to experience the immediate change that occurs when you install a water softener in your home. Within a matter of minutes, you’re able to take advantage of the above benefits, among others.

Benefits of a Kinetico Water Softener

A Kinetico water softener will not only provide your family with clean, soft water on demand, it will also provide many other benefits such as: 
  • Non-Electric: A Kinetico Water Softener is powered by water flow, not electricity, meaning there are no electrical components to repair or replace. 
  • Lower Salt Usage: Kinetico water softeners use 70 percent less salt than other water softeners. 
  • Efficiency: A Kinetico water softener is custom fit for your home using a precise calibration to your home’s specific water needs. This water softener was made for optimum efficiency and will reduce water waste lower costs. 

Is it Time for a Change?

There would be no reason to replace your water softener if it is still working properly and providing you with high-quality water. However, you should be on the lookout for common signs that it isn’t, such as:
  • Water no longer tastes the same
  • Energy costs are increasing
  • Your skin and hair are dry or itchy
  • Excessive scale build-up on appliances, tubs, plumbing fixtures, faucets
If you have noticed any of these signs, please call AAA water! At AAA Water, we can answer your questions, provide you with a free consultation, and help you choose the system that’s right for you and your home.