Reasons Proper Hydration is Essential to Employee Productivity

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While we all know that hydration directly affects our health and mood, many employers tend to overlook its impact on workplace performance. Undeniably, water is a vital resource for life, hence, the availability of high-quality, and safe water is equally important for an employee’s wellness and performance.

Mild Dehydration Affects Workplace Productivity

About 73% of the human brain is composed of water. According to a study by NCBI, your employees can start experiencing reduced concentration, decreased cognitive strength, and a shorter attention span, at just a 1% body water loss. The same study indicates that approximately 3–4% dehydration can reduce an employee’s productivity by 25–50%. As most of the jobs today require visual attention and focus, we can’t neglect the results of the study, according to which the employees who consume water experience improved visual attention for more than 20 to 40 minutes and it brought a 14% increase in their productivity level.

Mental Performance

When an individual is dehydrated, they experience a decrease in their body temperature and heart rate, which directly impacts their mental capability to work for longer durations. Whether it’s your company’s manual labor or office workers, both need to complete extensive tasks on regular basis and it’s certainly the employer’s responsibility that they’re physically and mentally fit for the job. An important way to make sure that your employees are properly hydrated is to provide them with high-quality drinking water, that has the adequate amount of required minerals.

Reaction Time

Did you know, that a 3% decrease in hydration affects an individual’s reaction time to the same degree as consuming  0.08 blood alcohol content? Dehydration can affect your employees’ reflexes and may even lead to workplace accidents.

Boosts Mood

According to a study, dehydration disrupts a person’s mood and cognition. A negative mood can interfere with an individual’s capacity to work properly. Mood and productivity are directly related. Several studies indicate the importance of an individual’s emotions on their everyday performance. Therefore, employers need to pay special attention to their workers’ moods and formulate an adequate mood management strategy to improve their workplace productivity.

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