Smelly Water: How to Treat It?

Water Treatment

The famous rotten egg odor that comes from your water can be a hindrance to your everyday water use. Luckily, the unpleasant sulfur smell that comes from well water is treatable. In most cases, residential water filtration systems will do the job by effectively eliminating the contaminants that create an unpleasant odor. The smell comes from hydrogen sulfide gas—Let’s discuss how you can treat that smell and rid your house of the contamination.

Diagnose The Issue

Before anything, you need to first find out where the smell is coming from. Generally, there are two distinct ways to diagnose and get rid of the sulfur smell. First, compare the cold and hot water. If the cold water smells and tastes different from hot water, then the problem is probably in the cold water. Similarly, if the hot water tastes different, you’ll need to check your water heater. Particularly, check the anode rod in your heater. The second method is to inspect the source of the water. If both your cold and hot water have the same sulfur smell, then you can assume that the problem is in the water source. There are several options to consider here. These include treating the water with peroxide and chlorine and implementing potassium permanganate, carbon filtration, aeration, or ion exchange. The solution you will choose depends on where the problem is and the quantity of hydrogen sulfide that has contaminated the water. Besides sulfur, the issue can also arise from rust that develops on plumbing surfaces.

Identifying The Exact Source

Once you’ve diagnosed the source of the odor, you can install a water treatment system like the Kinetico whole house water filters to save your time. Alternatively, you can sanitize the impurities. An anode rod generally works to eliminate all impurities, but when it gets corroded over time, it can stop working, and the sulfur smell will be developed. Sulfur reducing bacteria can be generally found in hot water, and these types of bacteria consume high amounts of sulfur. Because of this, the bacteria will produce high levels of hydrogen sulfide leading to the rotten egg smell. Your best option at this stage is to install a water filtration system.

Treating The Source

Now that you have identified the exact source of smell, it’s time to treat it. There are several ways you can treat this. The best option is to shock the water with peroxide and chlorine to help disinfect the supply and kill the bacteria inside. Both peroxide and chlorine are viable options, but peroxide is more effective against the odor. Chlorine, on the other hand, will need active replenishing, and you’ll require a carbon filter to clean any residual chlorine.


Bad-smelling water can disrupt several activities in your household, but with appropriate diagnosis, inspection, and treatment, your water will stay fresh all the time. If you want to purchase a customized water filtration or softening system in California, AAA Water Systems can help. Our company prides itself on offering professional residential and commercial water filtration services and products at economical prices. Get clean and effective water treatment system in CA today! Contact us for more information.

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