Solutions to Bad Tasting Tap Water

Water Treatment

Do you enjoy drinking tap water in your home, or does it taste so bad that you’d rather drink any other beverage? If you’re experiencing bad tasting tap water at home, there are several steps you can take to put an end to this problem.  Before we go any further, keep this in mind: just because you have bad tasting tap water doesn’t mean it’ll impact your health. In fact, there’s a good chance that your water tastes this way because it was treated before reaching your home. Note: if you have any reason to believe there are chemicals in your water, test it immediately.

Try These Solutions

You don’t have to live with this problem any longer, as there are several solutions that you can experiment with in the near future:

1. Water Filter

With the use of a water filter, you can quickly turn your bad tasting tap water into something more enjoyable. There are many types of water filters, such as those that you install in your refrigerator or directly to your faucet. If you want to get the most bang for your buck, opt for a whole house water filtration system. This ensures that every ounce of water that enters your home is first filtered, allowing you to enjoy the taste from any tap.

2. Drink Bottled Water

For many people, this is the easy solution. Rather than drink tap water, you can purchase bottled water at a local store to ensure yourself of the flavor and quality you’ve come to expect. However, this solution is not always cost effective. Furthermore, it’s not convenient to constantly replenish your stock of bottled water.

3. Add Some Flavor

It may not be something you do regularly, but you have the option to add a drop or two of juice into a glass of tap water. With this, you’re masking the bad taste with the taste of juice. It doesn’t do anything to treat the water, but instead alters the taste so it’s more enjoyable.

Final Thoughts

The best solution to bad tasting tap water is a whole house water filtration system. Once you take on the initial expense, you’ll enjoy the fact that you’re able to access filtered, better tasting water whenever you want.

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