What is Causing My Smelly Water?

And How Do I Fix It?

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Rotten egg smell in your drinking water is usually one of two culprits: Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) or Sulfates

H2S is a mineral released from the earth that finds its way into groundwater.

Sulfates are sulfur-containing compounds found in nature that bacteria can turn into H2S.

H2S in gas form is quite dangerous, however, when dissolved in water it is less so, but it still poses health risks. 

So how does H2S get in your water? It is often there naturally. If you are on city water, an attempt has been made to reduce it to “not unhealthy” levels. 

If you are on well water, it’s especially common in wells located near shale, sandstone, coal, peat, or oil, like those in many areas of the State.

Occasionally, a rotten-egg smell in your water could also be associated with sewage contamination or bacteria in your water heater…

The most important thing to note is that it is ALWAYS worthwhile to get your water tested if you have smelly water. H2S in higher concentrations poses immediate risks including nausea, vomiting, and potentially serious health effects in the long term.

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So how do you fix water that smells like sulfur?

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The first step is to figure out what is actually causing the smell. That usually involves a water test.

Next, once you know the cause, then you can move on to removing the contaminants, which, with H2S, isn’t usually as simple as adding in a filter.

This is where it becomes useful to have professional help. For CA, AAA Water Systems, Inc will do Free water testing to determine the source of the smell.

With those test results, we can tell you exactly what you’ll need to fix the problem. We have plenty of experience with the local water and we know what works.

After that, there’s no obligation to purchase equipment from us. Our goal is to provide you the information you need to make the best decision for your family. 

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AAA water systems provide consistently great quality work and have some of the best technicians on hand. Always a pleasure to have them service any water...
You could not ask for better representation than Alfonso. Extremely efficient, appreciate how thorough and conscientious he is of our water needs. We run well water, and supplement w trucking city water. What a wonderful asset you have in Alfonso. Not rushing the job despite the heat out here in Danville !! 10+
Darik did a great job explaining what we needed. The company does a good job but make sure that you ask what is really needed. Don’t just go on the recommended schedule because a lot of the times you can go longer between services.
Did an outstanding job
The people who came did a great job. They worked to make sure everything was correct and it was clean as possible.
They provide excellent and accommodating service. Technicians are very friendly. They also take like 7 different forms of payment, including ACH transfers which is convenient for different bank accounts.
Quick & courteous!
I want to take this time to thank The AAA Kinetico team. Sanjay For giving me some direction on how to address our concern and making himself available. Darik for doing such an awesome job and resolving our concern. Yolanda, for coordinating the service field representative to come out she left me feeling good our concern would be resolved today.I definitely feel we are in good hands with AAA Kinetico and their staff.Thank you very much for the awesome service.
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