3 Different Types of Contaminants You Can Find In Your Home’s Water Supply

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Your water supply reaches home after coming through several places. Your water supply comes from lakes, rivers, soils, and the ground. That means that it collects several elements before it finally goes through the water treatment system. Of course, your public water supply company treats the water and ensures that it is clean and safe for use. However, contaminants can still find their way into the water. Be it chemicals added earlier or materials that the water came into contact with during its transfer. Here are the different types of contaminants that your water may have:

1. Physical Contaminants

These are sediments such as dirt or small pieces of debris that the water collected. Sediments typically settle at the bottom of the water body, which is why you won’t come into immediate contact with it. However, it can be dangerous and unsanitary to consume this water or use it in other processes such as showering or cooking, which is why it is recommended to have your water filtration and softening systems. You are unlikely to come into contact with this type of water, though, because the public water processing system ensures that these elements are removed from the overall water supply. Sediments can find their way into your home through damaged pipes.


2. Chemical Contaminants

The presence of these elements can be natural, or they may be added to your water supply. For example, the water supply company may be adding fluoride into the water to improve your dental health. However, some people may want to remove fluoride using a residential water filtration system due to reports that indicate a less than ideal result of consuming fluoride. Additionally, sodium is naturally present in water. However, there might be an abundance of it in your water supply, which could lead to dehydration and other health issues.

3. Biological Contaminants

Water does contain some naturally occurring bacteria. However, too much of it is not a good thing, and you may want to get a multistage water filtering system to get rid of excess bacteria. You may not know the exact source of the bacteria, but it may have occurred due to something that the water came into contact with or a reaction due to certain chemicals. The point is, these bacteria can cause serious diseases for you and the people in your family. If not treated in time, they could negatively impact people with weak immune systems.

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