All You Need To Know About Dechlorinators

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If you’ve ever been to a public swimming pool, then you know exactly how chlorine tastes. That’s because public swimming pools have a higher content of chlorine to kill off any bacteria and germs that the swimmers bring into the pool. However, chlorine isn’t only a part of public swimming pools. All of the water supply in your home probably has chlorine or chloramine in it. Here’s everything you need to know about chlorine and the process of removing it from your home using a water treatment system in CA:

1. Is Chlorine Safe to Consume?

Yes, consuming smaller amounts of chlorine is fine. If it weren’t, then your water supply company wouldn’t be adding chlorine to your water. However, too much chlorine can be dangerous, especially if regularly consumed. Chloramine can turn into gas and make its way inside your lungs, leading to terrible side effects. Research has shown that chlorine can turn out to be dangerous for you, particularly when it interacts with some of the organic materials in your water supply.

2. Does My Water Supply Have Chlorine?

Most US homes get water from a public supply, and the organizations in charge of that supply treat it with chlorine before sending it your way. So unless you happen to have your private water supply system, your home’s water contains either chlorine or chloramines. To know the exact chemical that’s been used in your home’s water supply, you’ll have to talk to your local water supplier. To remove that chlorine, you’ll have to opt for water treatment solutions.

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3. Is It Safe to Remove Chlorine?

Chlorine is added in the first place to make your water safe. Without chlorine, the hundreds of gallons of water you and your family consume would be unsafe and riddled with waterborne diseases. However, once the water is at your home, we recommend removing chlorine via a dechlorination water filtration system.

4. What Is A Dechlorination Process?

The dechlorination process is one where a dechlorinator is added to your home’s pre-existing water treatment system. The dechlorinator will remove excess chlorine and chloramines from the water using an activated carbon filter. Thus, your water will become safer for you to use. A dechlorinator can last up to ten years, depending on the amount of water it has to process. Reverse osmosis system can also be used to remove chlorine. It’s a process that uses membranes to clean up your home’s water supply. You can get them with a carbon filter to target the chlorine. You’ll have to consult with an experienced water specialist about the best option to dechlorinate your home’s water supply.

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If you’ve noticed the taste of chlorine in your water supply, or you want to make sure that you’re not consuming dangerous amounts of chlorine, get in touch with us as AAA Water Systems. With over 35 years in the business, our experts can easily spot issues of concern in your home and recommend a water filtration system best suited to your needs. Book an appointment for a free water system analysis to get your home checked out.

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