It’s no secret that America is facing an extreme water crisis. From water shortage to the rise of contaminants in the water supply, you may encounter many water supply issues every day. This water crisis affects both commercial and residential areas, and this is why people are looking for swift solutions to tackle this growing water problem. Traditional water purification techniques have become outdated, and modern techniques are required to clean water and deal with the water crisis efficiently. Continue reading this blog to find out more about modern water purification products.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

If you’re looking for a product that can help you eliminate 95-99% of the contaminants from your water supply, we recommend you get a reverse osmosis system. Reverse osmosis systems create water pressure and push the water through a membrane filter that screens out contaminants and doesn’t allow microbes to pass through. Modern reverse osmosis systems have a compact shape that can easily be attached near your kitchen counter and bathroom. You’ll be surprised to know that the RO system is not only used in houses, but it’s an important water treatment system for commercial facilities. The RO system helps food and beverage firms adhere to the guidelines set by the Food Standards Agency. The pharmaceutical industry also uses RO systems for manufacturing processes using clean water. Many firms and individuals don’t use reverse osmosis systems because they don’t understand its complex procedure. However, if you want to know more about the reverse osmosis process, we’ve listed the basic steps for you:

Step1: Pre-Filtration

In the first step of the reverse osmosis process, the water is passed through multiple filters that clear out the sediments and sand in the water. The pre-filtration process is necessary as it helps remove the contaminants that can damage the membrane filter.

Step2: Membrane Filtration

Once the water is processed through the pre-filters, it’s passed through the membrane filter that removes a wide range of contaminants, including phosphate, arsenic, and mercury. It’s no secret that water supply in the country contains a large amount of lead. Luckily, the membrane filter in an RO system reduces the amount of lead in your water supply. If you’re wondering where the contaminants end up during the reverse osmosis process, the RO machine has a drain line that is used to dispose of the dirty water.

Step3: Post-Filtration

Many reverse osmosis machines have a carbon filter that removes poor odor or taste from the water received from the membrane filter. This post-filtration process purifies your water supply.

Step4: Water Storage

All the purified water is stored in a water storage tank, which can usually hold around 2-4 gallons of water. The storage tank is directly connected to the faucet that cleans water. Reverse osmosis systems have become necessary to prevent various diseases, including muscle damage, nerve damage, blood pressure problems, fertility issues, and many more diseases at homes and commercial facilities. The RO filter also helps prevent stomach issues by filtering out cryptosporidium. If you need a reverse osmosis system, it’s better to get in touch with water filtration experts who can install it for you. Once you’ve installed the system, don’t forget to conduct frequent maintenance to boost its lifespan. Reverse osmosis machines usually require maintenance in six to twelve months, depending on your usage. We recommend you stay in touch with an expert who can repair your water treatment machines. A top-quality commercial reverse osA top-quality commercial reverse osmosis systemmosis system

Water Filters

From boiling to sedimentation, traditionally, many methods were used to purify water. However, now our water supply is polluted with a wide range of contaminants that unfortunately can’t be removed using traditional water filtration methods. This is why modern water purification firms had to develop extensive water filtration techniques to purify the water supply effectively.


Quite often, your water supply can get infiltrated by chlorine, which can damage your appliances and can also negatively affect your health. So, how do you reduce the chlorine in your water system? An excellent alternative is to use a dechlorinator, which contains sodium thiosulfate and activated carbon that react with the chlorine to remove the poor odor and taste from the water. Many households are switching to dechlorinators because of their vast benefits. We’ve listed the main advantages of using a dechlorinator below:
  1. Improves Respiratory Health: Taking a hot shower with chlorine water can be dangerous for your lungs. The chlorine in the water can vaporize, and if you accidentally inhale it, you can get asthma or bronchitis. A dechlorinator reduces the chlorine content in your water and prevents respiratory issues.
  2. Reduces Hair Loss: Chlorine can strip natural oils from your hair and skin, which can cause dryness and hair fall. With a dechlorinator, you can get fresh water which can improve your hair growth and decrease hair loss.
  3. Increases Lifespan Of Appliances: It’s no secret that home applianceshave had a surge in prices recently. Amidst this inflation, you’d want to protect your appliances at all costs to decrease the burden on your pocket. A dechlorinator protects the rubber seals in your appliances and enhances their lifespan.
If you don’t have the technical knowledge of water treatment systems, we recommend you get a dechlorinator from a reputed firm. You should also connect with water specialists who can help you with dechlorinator maintenance. Closeup of a top-class dechlorinator

Sulfur Guard

Does your water supply smell like rotten eggs? If your answer’s yes, your water system has unfortunately been contaminated by hydrogen sulfide. Using a traditional water purification system to remove hydrogen sulfide can take an eternity and will be a burden on your pocket. If you’re looking for a quick and cost-effective technique to reduce hydrogen sulfide from your water, get your hands on a sulfur guard, which not only purifies your water but also has a dual-tank system that can enhance the water flow in your house or office. However, installing and maintaining a sulfur guard can be tricky, which is why we recommend you get water treatment services from a renowned firm. A top-notch Kinetico sulfur guard

Greensand Filter

If your water supply is contaminated with arsenic, radium, manganese, and soluble iron, using a traditional water purification system won’t be beneficial. We recommend using modern water treatment products like a greensand filter to increase your water’s purity. A greensand filter uses a combination of oxidation and filtration processes to remove the contaminants. Firstly, the pollutants in the water are oxidized and converted to solids. Once all the contaminants are in solid form, they are removed by a filter. If you’re looking for a constant supply of fresh and clean water, we recommend you install a greensand filter. However, installing this machine on your own can be a hassle. You should take assistance from water treatment experts who can install it for you. A Kinetico greensand water filter

Ultraviolet Water Purification Filter

Traditional methods are not equipped to remove bacteria and other living organisms from the water. These organisms can cause many deadly diseases including, cholera, diarrhea, and hepatitis A. If you want to protect your family from these diseases, it’s time to install an ultraviolet water purification filter. The ultraviolet energy generated from this filter penetrates the cells of the living organism to purify your water supply. Also, UV filters often don’t work when your water supply’s flow rate is too high. The high flow rate prevents your water from getting enough UV exposure that is needed to get rid of the living organisms. This is why it’s crucial that you get a UV water filter that provides effective UV dosage in a small area. Moreover, it’s important to understand that a UV filter only removes the living organisms from your water supply. If you want the ultimate water purification system that removes both living organisms and other contaminants, we recommend you install a UV filter coupled with another filter like a greensand filter or sulfur guard. A Kinetico UV water filter

Water Softener

Do you have clogged water pipes and damaged water appliances like coffeemakers and dishwashers? Hard water can cause all these problems and can damage your overall water supply system too. If calcium and magnesium dissolve in your water supply, it gets converted into hard water and can become a nightmare for you. This is why we recommend you use modern techniques to remove the hardness from your water. If you’re wondering how to tackle the water hardness issue, we’re glad you asked! You can use a water softener that uses an ion exchange process to remove hardness in your water. A modern water softener contains mainly three main components that are mentioned below:
  1. Mineral Tank: In a water softener, the hard water flows into the mineral tank, which contains polystyrene resin beads. These beads are negatively charged, and they attract the positively charged calcium and magnesium from the water and ionize them.
  2. Control Valve: The control valve tracks the amount of water in the mineral tank and checks the capacity of the resin beads. If the beads have reached their maximum capacity, it automatically starts a regeneration cycle to ensure your water softener works efficiently.
  3. Brine Tank: The brine tank helps your water softener in regeneration. It’s a small tank that’s attached to the mineral tank, and it contains a highly concentrated solution of salt, which assists in restoring the resin bead’s positive charge.
It’s no surprise that many companies and households are starting to use water softeners because of their vast benefits. Some of the benefits are explained here:

Softer Skin

Does your skin feel dry after a shower? Before blaming your soap manufacturer, we’d advise you to hire water treatment experts to check the hardness of your water. If your water contains calcium and magnesium, these minerals might cause dryness. However, if you start using a water softener, it can remove the hardness and help you get healthier and softer skin.

Retains Quality of Your Clothes

If soft water can make your skin healthier, imagine the effect it would have on your clothes! If your new clothes aren’t soft after every wash, you should blame hard water. This is why we recommend you get a water softener to help you properly wash your clothes.

Saves You Money

Amidst the uncertain economic circumstances, you wouldn’t want your maintenance costs to skyrocket. Unfortunately, if you’ve got a hard water supply, it won’t take long for your appliances to get damaged and become a burden on your budget. If you want to decrease your maintenance expenses, we recommend installing a water softener. A state-of-the-art water softener

Salt-Less Systems

If you’ve got an alkaline or acidic water supply and want to make it neutral, we recommend you hire water specialists to install a salt-less system for you. You can get a TX Membrane, which is an excellent device that can help you make your water supply neutral. It contains a semipermeable membrane filter that removes iron, chlorine, and other odor-causing pollutants to purify your water supply. Modern TX Membrane machines contain a disinfection generator, capacity tanks, and carbon filters to help you get the water supply you deserve at an economical rate. A water treatment specialist analyzing the condition of water

Residential And Commercial Water Filtration Services Available In California

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